It has become common for people to use filthy language, be it because of watching Hollywood movies, where using cuss words is quite common (at least in movies). Now–a- days, it has become natural in Indian movies and web series off late.Indian web series has a special mentioning, without cussing words; you can’t find a show now. The moviemakers say that “we use that language to show the story in a realistic way” This is how they justify.😏😠😞It is irrelevant to the source; using informal language has become common. Even females are adopting that language in modern cities. Unfortunately, cussing words are clubbed in every language.Earlier, there were people who advise us when we try to learn some language as, “learn wrong words first”. It used to be the suggestion in olden days, as a precaution for not using. Now the situation has been reversed, you should know to demonstrate your anger or frustration on someone.Using filthy language and cursing with cussing, words has become stylish …

πŸ’“ Help πŸ’“ or Deal πŸ‘€

“Please, help me” It is very often that, someone or the other would approach you for some kind of help.Do you really help them?By considering a moderate man who is having all the basic amenities in his life, generally does his part in resolving the problems of his known acquaintances, family & friends. Let us consider an example:Consider a 40-year-old man, say “X”. When “X” is at his workplace, if some of his colleagues, say “A”, asks for help, he does whatever is needed. If “X” is busy, he would at least enquire about the issue and does his bit in either guiding him or assigning some of his team member in resolving the issue, because “A” is his close friend at work and “A” also helps him as and when needed. Now say “B”, another colleague of “X”, who is very less interactive with him, when approaches him for help, he pretends to be busy and says sorry 😳 as he couldn’t help him.Now say “C”, another colleague who usually never asks help to anyone. But always helps when someone a…

πŸŽ† Rakshabandhan πŸŽ†

Rakshabandhan is a word which reminds us about the bonding between sisters and brothers.In the present situation or even in the past, we observe that woman are being belittled everywhere, not because of their ability or capability; it is just because they don’t repel back harshly to even someone who is harsh.Let us leave about the topic of gender inequality; rather I wish to stress about the emphasis on Rakhshabandhan.It is understandable to have a special day to celebrate the joy of bonding with our siblings. Then, is it limited to a single day? Or just for few days? Is Rakshabandhan limited to siblings alone? Is it okay to take care of our own sisters and having wrong notions on other woman? Above situations are commonly observed in our society.Let me share my past experience in my school!On Rakshabandhan day, all the students were instructed to assemble and sit opposite to each other irrespective of gender. So, we are supposed to sit opposite to our schoolmates, let it be a boy or …

Taking Revenge πŸ”ͺ

Is it necessary to take revenge?πŸ”ͺ What do you achieve by taking revenge on someone? Did you ever question in this way? You may feel like you gained some kind of happiness by taking revenge. Here, your plan of revenge can most likely be accomplished by making the other person feel the pain which you have gone through it earlier. If you retrospect the process of taking revenge, you may regret for what you have done. Taking revenge is nothing else but hurting someone because you have faced some issues in the past.The pleasure of accomplishing revenge may not last long. You may have some reasons to justify for taking revenge. Other than taking revenge, the only option left for you is to “let it go” kind of approach. Also, I agree that for every situation forgiving is not the solution. Certain issues may need proper punishment for the traitors. There are some punishments which can be given legally if the pain caused to you is something illegal and if you have proofs. In simple words, if yo…

Not to Bother πŸ‘€

“Oh dear, don’t bother, just ignore!”Hold on, I am not telling you to ignore what I wrote here, please read it completely.“Just ignore”, is a commonly used phrase by many of our family members, friends, colleagues and well-wishers. We are often advised in this way if we have a tendency to react little more than how others react to certain situations. Assume you are in a public place, let us consider a railway station, you are waiting with your luggage for the train to arrive. In the same place, assume that you noticed a family of 3 or 4 persons (husband, wife and kids) have come there and there are many other people around. You might be seeing the husband being very dominant and using abusive words in public just to make his wife follow the instructions for every simple thing. It would be very much embarrassing for that lady to get such instructions in a public place. However, she realizes the situation and may not be reluctant to obey the instructions. As you were forced to witness s…

Are you Lucky?

Hey, you are really a lucky person!!!! How many times did u hear this by referring you as lucky by your friends or relatives?I guess everyone would have faced such situation in their life. We may appear as lucky to others based on some situations because we were good in some art or game or some work which others couldn’t do in an easy way like how we did. But tell yourself, can you be considered yourself as lucky just because you have some special art in you? Can you be considered as Lucky because you look beautiful? Can you be considered as Lucky because you play some musical instrument in an exceptional way? There are many such questions depending on the person in which he or she is specialized with. I am trying my bit to figure out what is being lucky. Here it is,Case-1: Let us consider some examples, if you say that Sachin Tendulkar is Lucky? Does everyone agree that it is purely luck based success? What about the efforts he applied towards his targets? Is Amitab Bacchan lucky to b…

Being Tough

According to material science, Toughness is an ability of a material to absorb energy before it breaks or fails. Considering that into our day to day life, let us talk about being tough. How does a person become tough? May be he\she had gone through lot of pain in his\her life but still they behave in a calm and composed way in their daily life, as if nothing adverse had happened in the past. Some people are seen with a beaming face all the time and with full of energy when they are around us. But do you think that internally they are very calm? Are they smiling really from their heart? Are they really happy for what they have gone through?It is very difficult for anyone to forget their past. Can you forget your past? Especially for a person who had gone through severe agony in their life. Can anyone forget about their past even if they are engaged with many works in their daily life and by interacting with so many people? HmmπŸ˜‡….. Let us dig it more….
They may be happy on a momentary …